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Alien Pony Princess book

Hey everyone! The latest edition to The Poniworld Chronicles is out! This one is a romance about an alien pony princess. She unthaws a frozen caveponi, and boy do things get sweet after that! For links to the various online retailers click here https://ganxy.com/i/104003

New Twisted Holiday Special

My latest ebook in the Twisted Holiday Specials is out now! This one is based on Valentine's Day.

Charlee Frown must struggle to prevent a holiday known as BlackHearts Day from taking hold. But then she starts thinking, maybe it’s not so bad after all, because Valentine’s Day really sucks.

She’s asked to star in a sappy Hall-mart Cards Valentine’s television special. But then she learns about the origin of Valentine’s Day, and the role of the Illuminati and Aleister Crowley in it…in cooperation with Hall-mart. Charlee is torn. What should she do? She just wants to be on TV!

Can Valentine’s Day be saved? By the author of SinEaster and Merry XXXmas, Charlee Frown.

Links to its Kindle pages~
Amazon US ~ http://amzn.com/B00P4FV0V4
Amazon UK ~ http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00P4FV0V4

For links to the other ebookstores go here ~ https://ganxy.com/i/99223/lotus-rose/blackhearts-day-twisted-holiday-specials

Malice in Wonderland Prequel out now!

The Malice in Wonderland Prequel is out now for Amazon Kindle. It will be provided exclusively from Amazon for 3 months. This prequel is like a collection of key events from before Alice turned 13. I wanted to give a look inside the minds of some of the other characters. Sometimes I told the story from Alice's point of view, and sometimes from other characters' like the Queen of Hearts and the Jabberwock. I enjoyed writing it. I hope you'll enjoy reading them.

The link to its Amazon page is:

Merry XXXmas ebook out now

Merry XXXmas, Charlee Frown, is out now! This is part of a series I'm planning called Twisted Holiday Specials. The first book is SinEaster. If people like my little holiday tales, I may write some more. Can you say Arbor Day? :)

In this raunchy comedy 18-year-old Charlee struggles to save XXXmas from having its X’s lessened by the Grump.

She faces pervy challenges in order to add an X at the end of each level. Level one is innocent, other than her going topless for the milkshake. But in Xmas she must trick five opponents into getting “visibly aroused”. Then in XXmas she must get laid three times, despite the Grump passing a law raising age of consent to 19!

Laugh along as Charlee dresses up as a naughty nun, tries to hang an angel near an upskirt fetishist, and gives Santa a lap dance. Marvel as she seduces a girl wearing fake “equipment” by having her stand underneath the “c” toe (no, it’s not mistletoe). And ponder as she seeks the Starfish of Legend.

Can XXXmas be saved? Can Charlee be pervy enough? You’re about to find out.

Warning: Contains content that may be offensive to some readers. Reader discretion is advised.

For a list of links to various retailers, click here: https://ganxy.com/i/95416

XXXMAS Cover Reveal

So here's the preliminary cover for my upcoming novel, "Merry XXXmas, Charlee Frown." It is part of my Twisted Holiday Specials series, of which SinEaster was the first one. I'm still working on the rough draft. To stay informed, you could always sign up for my newsletter, to get an email upon each new release. Just go to my website. I had to cover up the booty because Amazon and other stores can be kinda prudes. But I'll probably include a "revealed" cover inside the ebooks. Anyways, here's the cover of SinEaster, in case you missed it.

Octopony available

 Heya everyone! Well, my fifteenth book is now available in ebook form. I've recently been adding a few more volumes to The Poniworld Chronicles, if you haven't been keeping up. I don't know what I will work on next. My Malice in Wonderland trilogy is doing fairly well. Perhaps I'll write another Alice series about when she's older, or perhaps I'll write a sequel to SinEaster or Faerie Brace-Face. I just don't know. Anyway, here's the blurb for Octopony, followed by a link to all the online retailers.

Mortimer is an octopony—half octopus, half pony—who laughs at all the wrong times. But he wasn’t laughing the day a gang of waterskiing squirrels kidnapped his girlfriend. He’s a joker, not a fighter, but it turns out the Nazi ponies have discovered an alien spacecraft buried in ice.

And so Morty ends up having to travel to the Arctic to foil a nefarious plot to unleash an alien supersoldier into Poniworld.

Along the way, he meets a mermaid he helps release from the clutches of a bearded clam. He also meets Santa Claus and teams up with the reindeer for a mission to infiltrate the Arctic stronghold.

It’s all very exciting and dangerous, and so sometimes Morty has these giggle fits, but it’s just because he’s nervous, so please don’t hold it against him.

Click here for links to all the online retailers~ http://ganxy.com/i/89680

Dust on the Wind available

The next volume in the epic Poniworld Chronicles is here!

Dust on the Wind: Journey to Redemption (Poniworld Chronicles #6)
A pony plagued by her past. Dust wants to become better girlfriend material so Machoponi will take her back. So she decides to go on a vision quest on Halloween, led by a rat spirit guide in a Nerf cactus costume. She eats some cactus and begins to hallucinate. Her journey is about to begin, but where will it take her? It’s like she is dust on the wind, or something. Warning: contains foul language, sexual situations, drug use and pony lesbianism.

For links to the various online retailers, simply click here https://ganxy.com/i/87556

The next book in the Poniworld Chronicles is now available in ebook form.

Would you sell your soul for Glam Metal? Mötley Hüerd did. This bare-all autobiography follows their journey from Doo-wop band Moxie Scamps to their discovery of Glam Metal and their rise to fame, with all the debauchery and groupies that came with it. Warning: contains hard candy use, foul language, pony nudity and rough cuddling. By the author of

For links to all the retailers, simply visit https://ganxy.com/i/83804

Malice in Wonderland 3 available

Available as an ebook. For links to various online retailers, click here~ https://ganxy.com/i/83160

Malice In Wonderland #3: Alice the Girl Who Will Tear Your Heart Out and Show It To You Before You Die

In part 3 of the trilogy, Alice wins the Vorpal Fist, a weapon whose special power is to rip out the hearts of those who love the person wearing it. There’s a Russian roulette tea party and a shadow under a rainbow guillotine too! It all occurs during a twisted life-sized board game Malice and Alice find themselves trapped in. Who will win? And will Alice become a stealer of hearts?

Malice 3 shall soon be here!

The thrilling conclusion to The Malice in Wonderland Trilogy will soon be here. Here's a sneak peek at the cover! Want to stay informed of when it's released? You need only join my new release newsletter by visiting ~ http://loteyrose.com/contact.html

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