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Third Gothic Lolita book

The third book in the Gothic Lolita series is out now! It's called Gothic Lolita 3:Pageant
here's its blurb~
   12-year-old Nina is an aspiring supermodel, actress and pop star who has everything going for her. Wealth. A magical scar down the side of her face. A fiance willing to do anything for her.
   All she needs now is fame. She’s willing to do anything for it. Anything. Even kill for it. After all, she already has.
   Ordering her new fans around is a thrill, but it’s not all fun and games. She has nightmares sometimes. Because she can’t help but feel she has awakened dark forces.
   By the author of Malice in Wonderland.

For links to the various online bookstores, click go to  ~  http://ganxy.com/i/106038