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new Malice in Wonderland

The eighth ebook in the Malice in Wonderland Saga is out! It's called, Jabberwocky Trilogy: Book One: Sing Me a Little-Girls-Goodbye.

Here's the description:
The decapitated Jabberwock’s head is still functional—he just needs a new body.
15-year-old Queen Malice wants to help her buddy, Jabby, as she likes to call him. And so she plans a quest to Jabberwock Valley, where most of the other jabberwocks live.
But Jabby isn’t the only one they must help. Wonderland itself is in danger, because a creature known as the Snark threatens to reunite the monster tribes and revive a realm known as Woeland.
So Malice works on assembling a team. Of course, the Mad Hatter, Humpty, and the Cheshire Cat will tag along. But the Knight still has a crippling fear of little girls.
There are other complications.
11-year-old Sleeping Beauty wants to go on the quest as well. But most jabberwocks hate little girls. Jabberwock mothers even sing their babies “little-girls-goodbyes,” which are like lullabies, except gorier.
Malice also struggles with the intoxicating effects of the black rose. She finds herself taking more of the flower each day, and it’s becoming harder to stop.
Will they be able to thwart the Snark? And who is the mysterious “secret admirer” who sends Malice creepy notes via pigeon? And can she prove to the Knight that she no longer has any “little girlness” inside of her, by going through a series of the Knight’s anti-little-girl challenges? Because it’s the only way he’ll join the team.
And they’ll need a lot of help if they ever hope to stop the Snark and survive their journey to Jabberwock Valley.

It's available exclusively at Amazon.com for kindle, and is available in Kindle Unlimited.
Here's the link to its U.S. Amazon page:

new Faerie Brace-Face book

The final volume of the Faerie Brace-Face Trilogy is out now! It's called The Return of Mackenzie.

Here's its description:

In the final installment of the romantic sci fi/fantasy Faerie Brace-Face Trilogy,Cabby’s high school nemesis from the past has returned.
Her name is Mackenzie and she’s determined to not only ruin Cabby’s life, but to steal Darren away from her as well!
And so, Cabby and Darren find themselves returning to high school to replay certain key events between the two girls. And whoever ends up “winning” this time around will end up ruling over all of CabbyWorld. Of course, if Mackenzie wins, it will be renamed MackenzieWorld.
But Cabby is not about to give up her power or her dear fiancé, Darren. Because she has plans to marry that sweet, dreamy boy and live happily ever after, as husband and wife, and King and Queen. And with no stupid Mackenzie!
By the author of the Malice in Wonderland Saga.

To visit its Amazon US page, go to https://www.amazon.com/Return-Mackenzie-Faerie-Brace-Face-Book-ebook/dp/B01M03MH7P/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1473950002&sr=1-1&keywords=return+of+mackenzie

For links to the various other ebook store links, go to https://ganxy.com/i/114843/lotus-rose/the-return-of-mackenzie-faerie-brace-face-3


new Faerie Brace-Face book

The second volume of the Faerie Brace-Face Series is out now! It's called Revenge of the Faebots.

Here's its description:

The faebots are working hard to revive Cabby’s high school nemesis, Mackenzie, by downloading her data into the new faebot leader, who they’re calling the “Mackenzie Aspirant.” That’s because she wants to become Mackenzie, just so she can ruin Cabby’s life.
Cabby and Darren struggle to find out where the data is being stored, so they can erase it before the faebots get to it. Because the last thing Cabby wants is all the drama that girl would bring into her life.
She’d rather focus on her relationship with Darren, and, meanwhile, Darren would like to focus on Cabby, because he yearns to give her a ring to show how much she means to him. But rings are hard to come by in the world they find themselves in.

To visit its Amazon US page, go to http://amzn.com/B01BRUVWXU

For links to the various other ebook store links, go to https://ganxy.com/i/111567/lotus-rose/revenge-of-the-faebots-faerie-brace-face-book-2


Malice Hates Fairy Tales #1

Hey everyone! The latest addition to the Malice in Wonderland Saga is out now. It's called Malice Hates Fairy Tales #1 (Malice in Wonderland Book 4)

Here's the blurb:

   The Brothers Grimm are trying to unleash twisted fairy tale beings into Wonderland.
   15-year-old Queen Malice doesn’t want to deal with them.
   But then Malice’s dear friend, the Mad Hatter, is kidnapped. So to save him, she’s forced to work with Cinderella, and ends up getting sucked into Fairy Tale Land.
   If things keep going this way, the fairy tales might eventually cross over into the outside world, where her twin, Alice, lives.
   Malice struggles to do the right thing, but her heart keeps malfunctioning, sending her into fits of maliciousness. Killing Cinderella would be bad, right?
   By the author of Malice in Wonderland.
   The events of this book follow Malice in Wonderland #3.

It's available for Amazon Kindle and is currently part of Kindle Unlimited.

Here's its Amazon US page ~ http://amzn.com/B016C9WP00

and its Amazon UK page~ http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B016C9WP00

Third Gothic Lolita book

The third book in the Gothic Lolita series is out now! It's called Gothic Lolita 3:Pageant
here's its blurb~
   12-year-old Nina is an aspiring supermodel, actress and pop star who has everything going for her. Wealth. A magical scar down the side of her face. A fiance willing to do anything for her.
   All she needs now is fame. She’s willing to do anything for it. Anything. Even kill for it. After all, she already has.
   Ordering her new fans around is a thrill, but it’s not all fun and games. She has nightmares sometimes. Because she can’t help but feel she has awakened dark forces.
   By the author of Malice in Wonderland.

For links to the various online bookstores, click go to  ~  http://ganxy.com/i/106038

Second Gothic Lolita book out now!

Gothic Lolita 2: Heirloom

   Now that Ember is no longer a child actor, her fame is waning and she needs a publicity stunt to revive it.
   So she decides to auction her virginity.
   But things start going downhill when the cohost of a morning show kills herself after Ember makes her announcement. Days later, Maggy, Ember’s former costar, gets caught up in a sex tape scandal. And on top of that, Ember finds herself in fear of the billionaire who bid the highest in the auction.
   The stress causes her to struggle with her various addictions. But her greatest addiction is to fame. Is she willing to do what it takes to keep it?

For links to all the online retailers, click here ~ https://ganxy.com/i/105903

Alien Pony Princess book

Hey everyone! The latest edition to The Poniworld Chronicles is out! This one is a romance about an alien pony princess. She unthaws a frozen caveponi, and boy do things get sweet after that! For links to the various online retailers click here https://ganxy.com/i/104003

New Twisted Holiday Special

My latest ebook in the Twisted Holiday Specials is out now! This one is based on Valentine's Day.

Charlee Frown must struggle to prevent a holiday known as BlackHearts Day from taking hold. But then she starts thinking, maybe it’s not so bad after all, because Valentine’s Day really sucks.

She’s asked to star in a sappy Hall-mart Cards Valentine’s television special. But then she learns about the origin of Valentine’s Day, and the role of the Illuminati and Aleister Crowley in it…in cooperation with Hall-mart. Charlee is torn. What should she do? She just wants to be on TV!

Can Valentine’s Day be saved? By the author of SinEaster and Merry XXXmas, Charlee Frown.

Links to its Kindle pages~
Amazon US ~ http://amzn.com/B00P4FV0V4
Amazon UK ~ http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00P4FV0V4

For links to the other ebookstores go here ~ https://ganxy.com/i/99223/lotus-rose/blackhearts-day-twisted-holiday-specials

Malice in Wonderland Prequel out now!

The Malice in Wonderland Prequel is out now for Amazon Kindle. It will be provided exclusively from Amazon for 3 months. This prequel is like a collection of key events from before Alice turned 13. I wanted to give a look inside the minds of some of the other characters. Sometimes I told the story from Alice's point of view, and sometimes from other characters' like the Queen of Hearts and the Jabberwock. I enjoyed writing it. I hope you'll enjoy reading them.

The link to its Amazon page is:

Merry XXXmas ebook out now

Merry XXXmas, Charlee Frown, is out now! This is part of a series I'm planning called Twisted Holiday Specials. The first book is SinEaster. If people like my little holiday tales, I may write some more. Can you say Arbor Day? :)

In this raunchy comedy 18-year-old Charlee struggles to save XXXmas from having its X’s lessened by the Grump.

She faces pervy challenges in order to add an X at the end of each level. Level one is innocent, other than her going topless for the milkshake. But in Xmas she must trick five opponents into getting “visibly aroused”. Then in XXmas she must get laid three times, despite the Grump passing a law raising age of consent to 19!

Laugh along as Charlee dresses up as a naughty nun, tries to hang an angel near an upskirt fetishist, and gives Santa a lap dance. Marvel as she seduces a girl wearing fake “equipment” by having her stand underneath the “c” toe (no, it’s not mistletoe). And ponder as she seeks the Starfish of Legend.

Can XXXmas be saved? Can Charlee be pervy enough? You’re about to find out.

Warning: Contains content that may be offensive to some readers. Reader discretion is advised.

For a list of links to various retailers, click here: https://ganxy.com/i/95416