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New Malice in Wonderland Bundle

All three books of the Jabberwocky Trilogy in one value priced package!
The decapitated Jabberwock's head is still functional—he just needs a new body.
15-year-old Queen Malice wants to help her buddy, Jabby, as she likes to call him. And so she plans a quest to Jabberwock Valley, where most of the other jabberwocks live.
But Jabby isn't the only one they must help. Wonderland itself is in danger, because a creature known as the Snark threatens to reunite the monster tribes and revive a realm known as Woeland.
So Malice works on assembling a team. Of course, the Mad Hatter, Humpty, and the Cheshire Cat will tag along. But the Knight still has a crippling fear of little girls.
There are other complications.
11-year-old Sleeping Beauty wants to go on the quest as well. But most jabberwocks hate little girls. Jabberwock mothers even sing their babies "little-girls-goodbyes," which are like lullabies, except gorier.
Malice also struggles with the intoxicating effects of the black rose. She finds herself taking more of the flower each day, and it's becoming harder to stop.
Will they be able to thwart the Snark? And who is the mysterious "secret admirer" who sends Malice creepy notes via pigeon? And can she prove to the Knight that she no longer has any "little girlness" inside of her, by going through a series of the Knight's anti-little-girl challenges? Because it's the only way he'll join the team.
And they'll need a lot of help if they ever hope to stop the Snark and survive their journey to Jabberwock Valley.

You can get a copy at Amazon U.S., just go here~ http://a.co/d/9UJ2ANy

For links to the other online stores, go here~ https://ganxy.com/i/123859/lotus-rose/malice-in-wonderland-bundle-3-the-jabberwocky-trilogy

I'm so happy I completed this trilogy! My thanks to everyone supporting the Malice in Wonderland Saga. I have more books planned.